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Our Principles

We are committed to providing South Africans with a world-class crisis response service which is accessible and trustworthy. It’s our ambition to continually innovate to safeguard our members, so they can “breathe easy” as they live their lives to the full.

We strive to:

  • Be the fastest crisis response service available
  • Be the most skilled, professional, and experienced crisis management team
  • Have the most technologically advanced service platform
  • Maintain our innovative and unique service offerings
  • Have South Africa’s most wide-ranging Emergency Security, Breakdown, and Medical service providers

Services we offer

Our services include the following:

Comprehensive Support

Our members can access an extensive range of benefits which include:

Access to over 3 000 armed response teams
Access to over 1 000 ambulances
Over 4 000 breakdown responders nationwide
A 24/7 crisis response centre
24/7 bail assistance

Plans & Pricing

Guard R59 per month

Guard+ R69 per month

Guard Breakdown R99 per month


Get Started with Breathe

The Breathe Crisis Response app is exclusively available to clients of our Approved Brokers and Financial Advisors

If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us for further assistance