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Breakdown Response

Dependent on your needs and any insurance benefits you might have currently, Breathe offers a range of Breakdown Services to meet your requirements.  Our partnership with SA’s leading private breakdown response provider ensures that you will get the help you need, at your precise location, in the event of a roadside breakdown.

Breakdown Co-ordination

If you breakdown at the side of the road, our specialist team will immediately send your closest service provider and, if required, provide armed response for additional protection until the situation is resolved.

Should you have an accident, mechanical/electrical breakdown or minor roadside emergency, the Breathe Crisis Centre will help you to make contact with your own insurance company and make the necessary arrangements for your vehicle to be towed away.  This benefit applies if your Breathe plan does not include a paid benefit for the Breakdown Response or Breakdown Upgrade service.  On the other hand, if you do not have insurance or any other breakdown assistance benefits, the Breathe Crisis Centre will assist with coordinating the service provider for you, with services being provided on a cash basis, settled directly with the service provider.

Breakdown Response

Breathe has a partnership with one of SA’s largest private breakdown response providers, which means that our members will get the assistance they need at their precise location, when they need it most.

Should you experience an electrical and/or mechanical breakdown, the Breakdown Response benefit provides members with a national roadside breakdown and tow service – if this is less than a 40km round trip from the place of the incident to the nearest repairer.  In the event your car needs towing after an accident, and you already have vehicle insurance that provides a towing service, the Breathe Crisis Centre will assist you to contact your insurance company.  They can then make the necessary provision for your vehicle to be towed.

Breakdown Upgrade

Get roadside assistance as quickly as possible with this upgraded service.  Beyond the service provider you may have currently, you’ll also be given access to our additional breakdown service networks.

Breakdown Upgrade is a service that works together with the member’s current roadside assistance solution (usually linked to the member’s vehicle insurance).  This means that you also have access to the Breathe national breakdown service networks and are not limited to a single network provider.  If your breakdown service provider has informed you that they cannot reach you within 60 minutes or has told you that they will take longer than 60 minutes to reach your incident, the Crisis Centre will establish if your breakdown can be attended to faster.  If Breathe services can get there faster, we will send our provider to your breakdown as part of your plan benefit.

Breakdown Services