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Home Alert

In the event of a home invasion, you may only have a few seconds to request help before it’s too late. This depends on where your alarm panic button is located.

Most alarm panic buttons are fixed to walls in bedrooms, while remote panic buttons are regularly lost or left in draws that you might not find quickly. In most cases, finding your cellphone is often quicker than finding your home alarm panic button.

As such, our Home Alert feature turns your cellphone into a convenient panic button for your home alarm security company. If you suspect you have intruders at your home, simply  press your Guardian Alert button, and we will immediately see that you have a safety concern at home and will call you back.

If you do not answer, we will inform your home alarm company to dispatch armed response to assist, giving you a much better chance of requesting help before it’s too late.

Home Alert is a free feature within the Guardian Alert service that sits within our Guard+, Guard+ Protect, and Premium plans. Home Alert is dependent on members having an active alarm monitoring or security company that protects their home.

Home Alert